The Dying Skyseer

So It Begins

After Action Report

Prestige Scorecard

Flint 2
Risur 1
The Unseen Court 1
xxxxxxxxxx 1
xxxxxxxxxxxxx 1

Active Leads

Lead Location Source
Ford Sorghum and Travis Starter Goodson Estuarial Reformatory Parity Lake Police Report
Heward Sechim Sechim’s Alkahest & Etchings Bail Notice
Dr. Wolfgang von Recklinghausen Unknown Witness Statements
Julian LeBrix TBD – (Needs a sign of trust) Consulate
Fey Pepper Dealer Unknown (Streetwise; 1 hour/district) Brigadeiros
Alchemist Unknown (Streetwise; 1 hour/district) Elixir of Invisibility


(Locations in RED have been visited already.)

Dying skyseer flint map layers


MrAnthropy MrAnthropy

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